Career Advancement Series- Hitting Your Ceiling at Your Job


Reasons to Look for a New Career Change I Career Advancement Series

Reason #1 Hitting Your Ceiling at Your Job

Reasons for Looking for a New Job? 

Almost every day, I get a call from job candidates asking me if I have an opportunity.

One of the MAIN reasons for them to search for a new job is because they've HIT THEIR CEILING at their current employer.

The scenarios seem to revolve around not being able to GROW their Career, Advance their career, learn new skills to get into management opportunities or make more money in their careers.

There are also times where they realize they are looking for the next step in their career and the timing isn't going to work out for them because their boss is also ambitious or there won't be any upward mobility in their career search.

We all want to grow professionally.

Most Professionals want to see that they can learn new skills and get into management opportunities or become better at what they currently do.

Sometimes they realize that there is a ceiling at their company because they see that their skills aren't improving.

Other times there isn't a mentor there to help them improve or advance their careers.

I often tell these job search candidates...

"You are doing the right thing by calling a recruiter that specializes in your career field. It's ALWAYS better to start searching for a new job when you currently have a job because you will have more leverage and you will be able to showcase your valuable skills to another company that sees the benefit of your professional growth within their company."

The correct approach:

1. Start contacting Recruiters that Specialize in your Career Field WHEN you are currently working 

2. Be PROACTIVE in your search

3. Network with Professionals you TRUST in your field, at competitors, at suppliers and at customers that you TRUST to keep your job search and career search EXTREMELY CONFIDENTIAL.

4. Don't WAIT until you do NOT have a job to start SEARCHING for a Job

5. Advancing your Career takes time so the earlier you START SEARCHING FOR A JOB, the easier it will be to find the right opportunity

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