Stress Makes Us Stupid in Job Interviewing

Stress Makes Us Stupid”

I was attending an Executive Recruiting speakers event yesterday and the topic of job interviewing came up. The famous recruiting trainer, Greg Doersching, was discussing why candidates fail in the interview stages.

Almost always, behavioral interview questions were the main job interview questions that human resource managers are going to ask you in a job interview. Greg was talking about things to say in an interview, what to say in an interview, what not to say an interview, and how to ace an interview.

He expanded his thoughts into the psychology of job interviewing.

Greg started talking about how job interviews are stressful.

This topic about the stress that candidates feel in job interviewing hit me like a ton of bricks because it was a topic that I learned a lot about recently when I read the famous book by Daniel Goleman and Dr. Travis Bradbury, “Emotional Intelligence.” The authors have a famous quote in the book, “Stress makes us stupid.”

I will spare you the exact chemical neuroscience of why “stress makes us stupid” but the idea is that when we get stressed our brains get flooded with the famous chemical, “dopamine.” Dopamine triggers our primitive “animal brain” from centuries of evolution and, this in turn, stops our emotional control, and our ability to problem solve and think intelligently.

Essentially, we go into flight or fight mode where we don’t think work collaboratively, think strategically or intelligently, and our brains begin to encourage instantaneous decision making in the moment. We don’t think of the greater good or look at the big picture. We have no sense of long term analysis.

As I listened to Greg speak, I couldn’t help but notice the common theme here. Not only does “Stress make us stupid.” But job interviewing is stressful and therefore a lot of candidates don’t know how to interview or don’t know what to say in an interview because of the stress they feel during the interview.

In essence, dopamine floods the brain during a job interview, you go into fight or flight mode, and you can’t logically discuss your previous experience. You can’t remember your past successes and details of how your career in the past to articulate these details to the hiring manager.

If you can’t pull from your memories and successes in your career, how in the world are you going to be able to explain why you are going to be a great candidate to the hiring manager?

Because of this, you’ve failed to show the hiring manager WHY you are the person they should hire.

Why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because I have solutions that can help you. I know of a way that can help you break free from this stress, and calm yourself during the job interviews.

The solution is to be extremely prepared and ready for these standard human resource questions.

You must PRACTICE and WRITE DOWN the answers to the behavioral questions that you know they will ask you.

You must write down old fact, numbers, percentages, and details of job situations, scenarios, and experiences and how they’ve helped you shape your career.

This way, the hiring manager can see your past in a clear way. They can see how you’ve grown in your career and also how you’ll be able to be a good employee for their company in the future.

When you have the behavior interview questions and your exact answers ready for to be answered on a document in front of you, you won’t panic or get stressed when asked these questions.

I’ve created a document that can help you learn how to ace the interview. This is an interview preparation sheet that will help you chart your answers in a very simple spreadsheet.

It only takes a few minutes to write down this information that will help you in the interviews.

Please contact me as soon as possible, and I’ll be happy to send you this document for free.

This interview preparation document will help you tremendously.

Having these questions written down in front of you during the phone interview is going to stop the stress.

Really, it’s an interview cheat sheet that will give you an edge over other candidates.

It will help you think logically, strategically, and to be able to pull your experiences and successes from the past to clearly discuss them with the hiring manager in the interview.

The take away is this; remember that “stress makes us stupid.”

You will only get stressed if you’re not fully prepared for the job interview.

Being fully prepared before the interview is the solution to help you ace the job interview.