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Searching for the ideal Executive Level position in the Packaging & Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Markets takes know-how, skills, energy, and, worst of all, your precious time. We've been helping Leaders find new Executive Level Management roles for over 15 years. Let us help you!


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The hiring process can be painful and time consuming. We've had experience getting jobs for people in these markets for over 30 years.With our help, you will find the best ways to maneuver through the hiring process with less stress or struggle. Let us show you the tools, tactics, and tips you need to make it easier for you. 


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Looking for a New Company?

  • Is your company going through lay-offs or a re-organization?

  • Did your company recently get bought or merged with another?

  • Have you hit your career ceiling at your company?

  • Is the writing on the wall? 

  • Are you underpaid or underappreciated at your job?

Whatever the reasons, candidates call us everyday searching for the right opportunity. Let us show you how we've helped them succeed in their job search.